ECee Pack      Multiple Use Pulmonetics LTV Ventilator and Sprint Pack carrier

  • Aids in Protecting the Pulmonetics LTV series Ventilator and Sprint  Pack (6 hour Battery Pack)  
  • Reduces Cross Contamination between patients as compared to Fabric Transport bags.
  • Mounts the LTV Ventilator and Sprint Pack  as a unit, to Wheelchairs for portability, patient beds, Transport Gurneys
  • ECee Pack system can be placed into theTable Top Bedside Stand that holds the Fisher Paykel Heater Humidifier
  •  Rapid Safe Evacuation of patient and patients Life Support System is easily accomplished when using the ECee Pack Ventilator Carrier system.  Emergency evacuation of ventilator dependant patients from hospital or home must be done rapidly without disruption of continuous ventilation to obtain optimal outcome without complication. 
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The ECee Pack allows safe removal of the ventilator from the carrier without having to remove the patient's breathing circuit.
Part # ECeePack
The Sprint Pack is easily removed or inserted into the ECee Pack carrier
Spring Loaded Locking Pin securely locks and allows for easy insertion or removal of the Sprint Pack 
Rear View Right Side ECee Pack
Rear View Left Side ECee Pack
The design allows the ECee Pack and Ventilator to be mounted on any standard LTV Ventilator stand.

The ECee Pack Carrier holds the Lithium Ion battery pack (Sprint Pack) and gives you approximately 6 hours of stand-alone life support portability.

The ECee Pack can be easily placed into the ECee Table Top Stand at the bedside where the Fisher Paykel Heater is mounted. This system creates the most logical method of transferring the LTV Ventilator and Sprint Pack from the bedside directly to either the Wheelchair, Gurney, Bed or other transport system.  Click on the image at the left: That will take you to the ECee Table Top Stand  web page  (part #  ECT2)

Rapid Safe Evacuation of the patient and patients Life Support System as one unit is easily accomplished when using the ECee Pack Ventilator Carrier

Supplied with Velcro Straps for securing the Carrier to the wheelchair or other device.